How to manifest what you want quickly

How to manifest what you want quickly

How to manifest what you want quickly: a woman is jumping over the hills

Have you ever been wondering how to manifest what you want quickly? Can it even be done? Or does it take a long time and patience before you start seeing your dreams come true? Many people, and you’re probably one of them, are asking this question. So I thought it’s time for an answer to this burning question that so many have. You’re not alone in this, I can guarantee you that one! Let’s get some clarity right now (that’s quick!)

Time versus Manifesting your Desires…

First of all: time doesn’t exist. Time alone is an illusion. It’s a tool as well. And it comes in handy when we want to meet people or be somewhere at the same time. But for the Universe there is no such thing as time. That’s important to remember. It’s not how the Law of Attraction works either. Time has nothing to do with that!

Time is very subjective as well…

For one person an hour takes ages. And for another person an hour passes at the speed of light so to speak. So what is time really? And what is manifesting quickly? Is that manifesting instantly or is it manifesting within a day, a week, a month, or… This also depends from person to person. We are all different you see.

Most people don’t want to wait too long…

Most people don't want to wait for their desires to manifest, they hate waiting. On the picture is a woman sitting in a chair waiting for something

Many people have dreams they wish to manifest. Whether it be the love of their life, a dream home, money or a car, or whatever it is. We all dream about things. It might even be that you “just” want to be happier or healthier. Or maybe you want a certain career. It doesn’t matter what you want. Anything is possible you see.

Most people hate to wait. I can relate to that! When I first started using the Law of Attraction, I was so focused on getting what I wanted fast, that it became a manifesting block. Because it didn’t happen as fast as I wanted and this caused me to doubt whether it would ever come. Patience was a virtue I needed to learn. It took me some time to do that, but in the end I did!

And this holds one of the secret keys to manifesting your desires successfully and quickly. You must be willing to wait a little. And above all: not care so much about time. It is one of the secrets behind the Law of Attraction!

And that last one (not caring so much about time) is a “huge biggy” for many people, just because we think we need what we want instantly. And there are so many so called ” law of attraction guru’s” on the internet claiming you can manifest instantly without any effort…

Is manifesting what you want quickly even possible?

Let there be no doubt. It is possible to manifest what you want quickly. And sometimes even instantly 😉 But it’s important to remember that it’s an exception. Especially when you’re not very experienced in working with the Law of Attraction. Many beginners are asking: “When will it happen?” “When will the money come (or the love of my life, or whatever it is they desire)?”

And I understand that perfectly. Because you want to see it work, so you can “believe in it”. Although it’s possible to manifest your dreams quickly, it’s not likely it will happen quickly for you. And I don’t say this to discourage you at all.

2 Things you need to let go to manifest your dreams!

If you want to manifest successfully using the Law of Attraction, you need to let go 2 things…

  • Let go of the How you can Manifest…

Humans are intelligent and creative. But the Universe is even more creative and intelligent than us. We don’t have the total overview of life. And we can not see the complete picture as well. Besides that, the Universe (Source) knows so many ways to bring you what you want. You don’t have to worry about that.

Let it go and let the Universe surprise you. This is really important. But still many people are concerned about “how the dream will manifest in their lives”. By worrying about that one, you build a manifesting block, which results in slow manifestation or no manifestation at all.

  • Let go of WHEN your dreams will manifest

It is important to know that all you desire will come at the perfect time. Which means when you are ready to receive. And being ready to receive means that your vibration is a match to the vibration of your dream(s).

We simply can’t know when things will happen…

So keep in mind that when it will happen is not so important. Even though you want that dream in your physical reality yesterday. I understand you completely. You can’t wait for it to happen. Got ya! I can totally relate to you, because I did fall into that trap too many years ago. Which lead me to tons of frustration!

If you worry too much about when it will happen, it will simply never manifest. Trust upon the fact that what you want will come perfect timing. It will come when you’re ready, really ready for your good to come in your life.

Letting go of time will speed up your manifestation…

It might sound weird when you want to manifest what you want quickly. But it’s true. When you’re willing to let go of the importance of when your dream(s) will manifest, they will come much faster! Why? Because you care less. And when you care less, you don’t run any worries and/or concerns.

You become lighter and enjoy the journey towards the creation of your manifestation. It is more like a pleasant, fun game to you than a marathon. Manifesting shouldn’t be a stressful marathon. Because it gives you too much stress. And stress blocks your manifestation. So don’t be in a hurry.

Learn how to trust that it will come, even when it’s in 10 years. But it might as well be tomorrow. Do you get my point? If you wonder how to manifest what you want quickly it might block you from being a successful conscious creator of your own reality. And thus block the manifestation of what you want in your world. That’s not what you want is it?

Don’t take the factor time too serious in manifesting your desires…

Forget about those “teachers” and “guru’s” who claim they can teach you how to manifest at the speed of light. You pay a huge price in dollars for their so called “lessons”. And in the end you pay an even higher price: the frustration of it not working. Leaving you desperate and thinking that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work…

Have you ever manifested something in your life quickly?

share your thoughts, scrabble game which says share

Are you a “speedy manifestor”? Let me know in the comments! I can wait to hear from you and would really Love you to share your manifestation stories. I think you didn’t manifest it fast on purpose… Let me guess: you were not worried about it at all. Or am I wrong?

And if you have questions about the Law of Attraction and/or manifesting, I’m very happy to answer them, so please go ahead: ask! I will answer all your questions personally. Let me know your thoughts. Happy manifesting!

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